Karen Campbell(non-registered)
Pat's photos of my dogs were OUTSTANDING! Each picture feels like you can reach right out and touch the dogs. I think the photos actually made my dogs look better than they do in real life! Pat's talent is quite amazing. She knew how to work with moving targets and snap with perfect timing. Thank you, Pat, for preserving my best friends, forever.
Marie Koebke-Alamar Border Collies(non-registered)
I have had my website up and running for quite a while and have lots of pictures from various sources. They are all very nice, but Pat has taken it to a whole new level. Pat has the equipment and the ability to take photographs that really tell a story. For me she has highlighted our focus and that is the working ability of our dogs. She always manages to capture the perfect blend of dog, stock and action. I highly recommend Pat for any photos whether it be dogs or people, scenery or just about anything else. She is awesome!
Jody Lolich(non-registered)
I worked with Pat on her urban shoot for her portfolio. She was a pleasure to work with, patient, and has a great eye. She had water, and treats for my dog. the pictures were amazing! I highly recommend Pat for any type of photos of your pets, from action shots to stills.
Thank you again Pat for the great pictures of my boy.
Julie Stanek(non-registered)
Pat did a wonderful photo shoot out at one of my favorite parks with my dog Dart. She captured him so beautifully and the outdoor setting added to the ambience of the pictures and really reflected his personality and beauty. Thank you Pat for such a wonderful experience and awesome photos.
Peggy Heath(non-registered)
In Gillie's photo her physical limitations are acknowledged but unimportant, which is as it should be. What the photo preserves is her spirit as shown by her sweet, radiant smile. Thank you for my favorite memento of my beautiful Gillie.
Field and Ranch Photography
Donna Darrow Birmingham via Facebook: Pat, that looks so great! makes me want to jump in with the doggies!!
Field and Ranch Photography
Jan Olson via Facebook: -- I really appreciate your original photograph. It shows herding at its simplest form -- a dog, some sheep, and a handler.
Field and Ranch Photography
Jamie Corl via Facebook: Gorgeous!!! Every photo!!!
Field and Ranch Photography
Jessica Love via Facebook: Love this!!!! Look at his smile :)
Field and Ranch Photography
Patti Downing via Facebook: LOVE THIS! NOt just because of Vic's awesome expression- but the reflection, too!
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