Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and check out my work!


My passion is animals! I have  been surrounded by animals for most of my life. I owned and trained Arabian horses, competing in the New England area. I have shared my life with dogs since high school, and have been training dogs for obedience, agility and herding since 1990. I am currently owned by four Border Collies: Meg’n, Belle (shown here with me), Fionn and Wisp. I became a certified Pet Trainer in 2014 through the Karen Pryor Academy. 


I began photographing animals and pets in 2009, at the encouragement of friends, after years as a sports and local news freelance photographer . I prefer to shoot on location using natural light, although I am proficient at studio work. I strive to capture a pet’s personality, and the connection with the pet and owner. I recognize the happiness our pets and animals bring to our lives, sports and work.  I have been photographing working stock dogs for the past few years, and am now looking forward to documenting other dogs with jobs. Dogs are not the only animals I photograph, I also photograph cats, livestock, horses and the working ranch or farm, or any other pet you share your life with.


I’ve been blessed by the herding dog community and have had Border Collie photos published in three Border Collie Calendars and one of my herding shots was used in a documentary movie poster. Two herding schools and Ranch BC breeders use my pictures for their business websites. 

I have been asked if I have been "professionally" trained, the answer is yes. I began training in photography when I worked for Eastman Kodak from 1977 to 1990. I signed up for the employee program offered by Kodak Pro Photographers and scientists, and had access to these mentors, their classes, and availability of SLR cameras and film when Kodak was at its peak. We were trained in everything from the science of photography, to exposure, composition, use of various films, and darkroom, to lighting,  studio and photojournalism.  Since then I have continued learning through seminars, conferences and web based training. I made the transition to digital in 2008. 

Our time with our pets and animals is short, but their impact on our lives is great. I produce lasting memories through my photography. Please look through my galleries to see if my style is what you are seeking. Please click on the Slideshow button in the upper right corner of the various galleries to get the full effect! For those with animal or livestock businesses, contact me about website and ad photos.

I also believe in giving back to my community and volunteer with Border Collie Rescue & Rehab ( ) and devote part of my business to animal rescue. I am an Aspiring Member of HeARTs Speak ( ), The 2013 + 2014 Paws for Charity Project ( http:/​/​www.​blurb.​com/​b/​4136274-​2013-​paws-​for-​charity ) and Dallas based Mission of Mercy Animal Photography Project ( .